Friday, 8 April 2011

Dubai these Days

So life has a way of just moving you forward and we are no different. Although presented with our fair share of challenges each day, week and month we are finding ourselves happily adjusting to our new surroundings. Dance class is a big part of our weekly routine. Emilee loves Anna's class almost as much as her own ;)

Anna really does love the class, her smile here is to appease her mom but during the 30mins previous it is ear to ear and so natural.


 This cutie patootie makes the day interesting as well.

We have had some amazing experiences here in Dubai, some good some frustrating, this next example was a bit of both. I borrowed a screen capture from Andy's facebook page to show the crazy.

  The long and short, it took four months for the packages to arrive. Addressed to our hotel, our residence at Christmas, we speculated that they had returned the packages but no it just took forever. So, Christmas in March in Dubai us. Better late than never has never applied more :)

The girls are a little excited to put it mildly. The start slow and timid, needing help for each present, after a few no help required. It was fun.

Today was a busy day at Anna's school, both the last day of the term and the celebration of Easter at a British nursery in the United Arab Emirates, dad had to come see.

Anna asked to wear her favorite dress today and looked so perfectly festive. So cute in a vintage dress from Grandma that mommy wore to Kindergarten, I think. I had so much fun surprising her with an Easter decorated Calgary cowgirl hat, she was a little excited.

The kids sang Easter songs and there were prizes for the best bonnet, Emilee enjoyed the event perched in dads arms and I found a great seat with a view, all was good.

Not sure how she got so big but we love her and every day we spend together.

We were able to sneak a family pic at the end of the assembly, just outside Anna's classroom.

So the Anna ballet pics out number the Emilee as her class is a mom and me format, sorry Emi but I LOVE dancing with you. I will try to take some next week :) For now, more Anna.

Anna is working on her curtsy and it is wonderful. The dance class here good, we miss Ms Maunder and her excellent teaching style though. Anna is quick and picking up so much so fast, mommy loves you big girl.

Big Hugs, lots of love ~the Andersons