Thursday, 16 June 2011

Its getting too hot, time to go home

Well we have been in Dubai for nine short and at the same time long months, its now over 40C most days and I am 33 weeks pregnant. Anna is finished school today and our plane tickets are booked for a few days from now, so with everything going on this may be our last blog post in Dubai as a family of four.

On the whole we enjoy Dubai, it is a very foreign place though. So we try to focus on the best parts, some of our favorite things include.

Anna's school and most of all Ms Sandy! Anna has absolutely loved going to school and taking part in all the great activities, a wonderful teacher makes that so easy :)

Our next favorite thing is the comfort and santuary of our house, or villa I suppose. Its bigger than we need but we love the familarity and opportunity to bring all things Canadian and family into it. We have BBQ's and movies, we watch hockey games and play dress up. It is our home.

Our first family photo, Nov 2010
Ater church fJune 17, 2011

Our week is not complete without the two ballet classes, I must answer the who's class is it today question a hundred times each. Emilee's is Monday with Ms Michelle and Anna's Thursday with Ms Helen. Hopefully in September I can get the same day same teacher combo, Ethan and I are going to need it.

We love the beach and the pool and all things swimming. We have enjoyed FHE in the Green Community with friends, and the Palace Beach. Swimming in the Gulf is an amazing experince for us land locked Albertans. I truly hope to never get use to how wonderful it is.

Kite Beach Oct. 2010

JBR Beach March 2011

Palace Beach June 2011

We love to have lunch at the Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, ask Anna how much she loves the cheese bread. All who visit Dubai must have some too, we will make sure.

There are many other things that make Dubai a nice place to live but we are longing for home and family and all things familar, so home we go. A short stop in London first, more pictures to come.