Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Spooky Fun Day

  Things in Dubai are always a bit different than we would expect in Canada, generally for the worst but tonight was a lot of fun minus the Canadian snow. Our schedule this week has been nothing short of hectic, mostly self imposed but seriously exhausting. Today was no exception. Emilee has a wonderfully long half term break, mommy is loving spending so much time with her and Ethan, we are all looking forward to next week when Anna is off school. A new development includes the trip to Europe, Czech to be exact, so looking forward to being together in our winter coats. I digress, Halloween. It was a magical evening, the temperature was awesome, slight windy for the mommy made portion of our costumes, but not the heat stroke inducing experience of last year. I had the bright idea of asking the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween, princesses again. Ethan's presence changes everything and so I thought that my princesses needed a prince, can do. All the great ideas and pre-planning, shopping and internet research time spent did not prevent me from completing the three costumes minutes before I had to pick Anna up from school, oh well next year? So we have two princesses and a sleeping prince in the arms of Ana, who after what we hope to be a short visa wait time in Manila, will return to help keep this crazy house together.

It was a complete recycle of the Ariel dress for Anna this year, she really does love it. Ems chose a slightly more purple princess this year, both wearing the fairy princess hats lovingly sewn this morning by yours truly. Ethan is our prince in my best 'okay just make it' infant crown ever. Pretty proud of the crown, sorry. Off we go.

Our next door neighbors are such fun, we enjoy living on this street very much.

What is it with dads and wanting, no needing, to stay behind to hand out candy. Maybe its just mine. Anyways.

So Ethan woke up not to impressed to have his picture taken, sorry buddy.

In a new Halloween tradition we set to carve our pumpkin after trick'er treating, busy week. So to close our evening, some pumpkin guts.

Happy Halloween, big hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons