Thursday, 23 September 2010

So here we are

The last few days have been tough but the week before that was almost more than we could manage. Here is the start of an entry that never made it to the web.

Are we there yet?
Busy day today, too hectic for pictures, sorry. Extra furniture was packed and sent to our storage unit this morning. Oh ya I think I accidentally packed the power cord to my laptop in a box with our printer so I might have pictures when we go back to open it, when will that happen who knows. We had cleaners in to get the house ready for pictures and the MLS as well, they were great and have the house about 85% ready for tomorrow. We went to the bank and closed out RRSP's, savings, credit cards and US bank accounts, phew we are tired. Like seriously tired, both of us nearly took a cat nap when the bank lady went to ask someone else a question!! Seriously sleepy are we. Took care of cell phones, government child tax things, and probably sold our SUV.

Never made it back for the cable to my computer and I think it was dark when we did get the last things into the storage unit, too funny. We are going to take it easy and hope that the girls clocks can change, the jet lag it taking its toll on them and therefore their behavior is taking its toll on me :) So here is the family picture we took with the camera on a box of Kleenex on the desk in our hotel room, heading off to our first Dubai dinner. I love it, hope you do too.

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  1. Great picture!!!! Thanks so much for sharing - please keep it up!! Be safe. Love ya! : )