Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Nice face Anna, getting ready to leave Dubai.
 We are ultimately headed to a small town called Peine, Germany to accompany Dad on a training course. It is about the same size and population as Medicine Hat. We are also going to take a few days in Paris on the way back for a mini family vacation, a ten day trip all together, wish us luck. These little sweets are getting to be seasoned travelers but still they are a two and a four year old, anything can happen. We think the girls need a change of scenery and a little winter weather and we know us parents need some too, so off we go. Its an over night flight to France so we head off to the airport in our Dubai clothes and magically board the plane in some lovely pink pj's.
That's a little better, love you Emi.

Glad that thing doesn't work on the plane.
 More airplane pics, mom has a new camera, small and stealthy, I like it.


Still getting to know the new camera and how, when to use the flash, sorry Emilee. Now everyone - sleep!

   So I have to be honest, our first trip away from Dubai started well but soon became really rough. It was ok leaving Dubai, the girls slept well on the plane to Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, France (us parents did not) but it went sharply down hill from there. Unknowingly we let Air France, check our stroller in Dubai straight to Hanover. (Although now I can see the luggage tag in the pic, learning as we go) So no stroller to get the kids across a huge airport with only a 1 1/2 hour layover, first issue. Second, the stroller thing was the least of our layover problems when we hadn't even cleared passport control as our connector took off. Then to make the day complete we found ourselves with 10 hours to kill and two kids not too, you know I am just kidding, with no stroller, not a happy camper. But we tried our best to make the time pass. I was too mad and sleepy to take their pictures but the girls crashed out on the bench of the cafe in some other terminal as us parents drowned our sorrows in French pastries and hot chocolate. It sort of helped. The girls slept two hours with half the world going by, it was amazing. Apparently so were the muffins after.

Muffins so good they can make your children share, we could be on to something :)

So we have watched the sun come up, rode around on the bus from terminal to terminal, went potty 14 times, slept (some of us) ate and its only noon, this is going to be a long day. Some random bus pics, Mom and Dad are done. Funny but not glamorous.


The tongue thing is new, so glad I caught it. Such a cutie.

Moan, whine, yes, yes long day, yadda, yadda. We did catch our fist few snow flakes as we waited for the worst, service, meal etc of the day, at least it snowed.

Ok so with dinner taking over two hours, its time to go - Yay. Off to Piene Germany. It is a small plane and its cold outside but we are leaving the airport, we all need a bed to sleep in, its been a long 24 hours.

So landed, baggage all arrived as well in Germany, stroller in tack, things are looking up. On to rental car, not so smooth, I am NOT driving a 5 speed in Germany with my two kids in the back, second try on the car, time for some pictures.


We have made it, after a short 30 mins trip on the Autobahn we are in front of our hotel, thank goodness. The girls are fast sleep and mom and dad are not far off. Kind of like me right now, sorry more to come tomorrow. As a teaser, we made snow angels in the parking lot and went shopping in the historical district, more tomorrow, I promise. Night, big hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons.


  1. Your girls are so stinkin cute! LONG day huh! Hope you are enjoying your adventure!

  2. Thank you for the pictures. I hope things go better from here on. We send our Love and warm wishes for a great holiday in Europe!!! Hugs and Kisses to All! Grammy and Popa