Saturday, 11 December 2010

More Paris

The second floor or observation tower is great, we love the view. The city is beautiful in its own way, nothing like Calgary or Dubai for that matter.

Um, love, Love, LOVE that face. Too cool, I hope she thinks this picture is as special as I do in 28 years or so :)

Some of the scenery from the observation deck.

Its getting chilly, time to go inside and have some lunch in the cafe, dad is buying. The girls have been so wonderful this trip, they have their moments still but things are generally more good than bad. Except for dinners in Germany, Emi was a force of nature those first few nights. Anyways, its been fun to have them with us, they see things we would never see and marvel in the most marvelous aspects of the world around them. We love you girls.

Lunch was delicious, who know cheese sandwiches and french fries could taste so good, must have been the hot chocolate. We are warm and full, Emi has fallen fast asleep in my arms and we have made it to the front of the line to the upper elevator behind a large group of obnoxious teenagers from Ireland, cool accents, annoying behavior. Anyways, we step off the elevator and what do we see ... home.

It was very cool and fun and a great way to start our experience. Mom loves her new camera too, full family shots, long arms are also a bonus.

If we thought it was windy and chilly on the second floor than it is freezing up here. The views are amazing, thinking of you Grammy Kinnon and our adventure up the tower in Las Vegas, sorry it still makes me laugh. Wind whipping around us and you huddled next to elevator doors, if I had known you were not good with heights - I'll never forget now :)

We were planning to arrive at the top for the sun set and the turning on the lights of Paris as it were but we may have made it up there a little early. Passing the time in a small space with small children is no small task. I know, potty breaks should take at least 20 minutes, each :) So yes, Anna went pee at the top of the Eiffel Tower, it was the smallest stall I have ever seen. The plumbing was normal if you are interested. So now with that and a trip to the gift shop we should be getting close to sundown?

Nope, not close enough. Back down we go, the views were amazing from there too and we were certainly NOT the only ones with that idea, you can hardly move around the observation deck. No stress, its the best idea.

First a little of Emilee, she has such a great personality as long as she is fed and not sleepy she is a dream, not enough of those two things and that dream quickly becomes a bit of a nightmare, kind of like her mom, so I have been told, love you big girl.

Okay, lights please.

So now, looking up at the majority of the tower is even better than during the day, too cool.

One last peek at the "City of Lights" from up in the Eiffel tower, its been a long day and now my feet hurt. We make our way down the inclined elevator, opting not to have a look at the first floor - might have to do that if ever back again. We managed to make it safely back to the ground and decided to venture into the park and take a few pictures from there. It was a lovely night and not nearly as chilly down on the ground.

We started walking and taking some pictures as we went, there was a great horse drawn carriage stopped at the street light, more souvenir vendors and the like. We had just crossed the street, headed into the park when all of a sudden the tower began to sparkle, it was very cool and very unexpected - Anna loved it. But we were a little close still so we walked a little quicker and managed to time it perfectly.

We found a great spot with the tower in the frame and took some pictures before the sparkle stopped, Anna was not impressed when that happened..

We had a great day, and now its time to go back to the hotel. So we started walking to find a taxi and yep, both girls fell asleep. Not a bad thing it just meant Andy and I had to walk together on a quiet street at night in Paris, it was the stuff of fairy tales. Except for and right up to the part where we ended up getting turned around and not being able to find a cab for almost 45 mins after the girls woke up, oh well. It was still a lot of fun. I wouldn't trade the company for anything.

So day one complete, day two holds plans for the Louvre Museum and one miss Mona Lisa along with a bout a billion cool, old museum things. The Champs Elysees walk and the Arc de Triomphe. Big hugs, lots of love. ~the Andersons.

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  1. Your Paris pictures are just great! We are very happy to see your adventures. Yes! Anna I aggree the light on The Eiffel Tower are very pretty!! Emilee you keep up all the big smiles. Thank very much for all the pictures, and we Love the blog. We send All our Love!!! Grammy and Poppa