Wednesday, 8 December 2010


So after a great 6 days in Germany we are headed back to France, here's hoping CDG airport is kinder to us the second time around. We land and retrieve all our luggage, good sign, we get a cab at the door and are off and most of all out of the airport, things are good. After a 70 euro trip, (~$93.85 CND) ouch, didn't know it was that much until I did the conversion to write it here, dang. We it was really only 60, then he wanted 5 more for unloading our luggage and at 1am who wants to wait around for change, maybe we should have, 93 dollars -Anyways.

We arrived at our hotel. Andy has a rewards card and so now I feel doomed to all ways stay at Holiday Inn's, maybe we can stay for free one day? It wasn't that bad, its Paris after all. We got the suitcases and girls into the lobby and started to check in. I was reading the slide show on their tv and noticed there were Eiffel Tower rooms, how cool. I said to Andy, we should stay there, half joking of course and the employee checking us in said that the rooms were very small and that we needed a large room, looking at the girls. Now, I know I am a new to Europe traveler and that no matter how much you read about a place you are never really prepared until you are actually there but if our room was large then I would not fit in one that was small. It was crazy, wall to wall beds, no joking. The pull out sofa was too narrow for both girls to sleep side, by side, which meant at least one in bed with us and that meant no sleep for mommy, good times. One last
complaint, sorry - what is with the window in the bathroom? I will have the picture of both girls jumping on the bed yelling mommy is going potty burnt into my mind forever :) It was great though, truly. We watched the Disney channel in french and stayed up way past everyone's bed time a few nights. Then we were up and going again the next morning, well maybe more like noon, but on back to back days it made for some very sleepy Andersons in Paris.

The first thing we did Sunday morning was to open the blinds to an authentic view of Paris, crazy roof lines and more chimneys than seems real, it was cool. It made me sing the Chim, chimney song from Mary Poppins all day, your welcome if you are now singing it ;)

Our first day was spent with a little exploring of the neighborhood, a short walk to Notre Dame Cathedral but really it was to see the Eiffel Tower. I couldn't help taking pictures and Anna was so much fun, she was willing to be in every one so here is little miss in the streets of Paris.

Miss Emilee was not so willing.

The next few hours were great fun, we ventured down some wonderful streets and took in the sights, sounds and smells of the Latin District. We made our way to Notre Dame, took some pictures...


The line to go in was long and although it was warmer than Germany it was still a little chilly, so we had a good look from the outside and got in a cab for short ride to the Eiffel Tower. The cab dropped us off literally right in front, it the middle of the intersection during a red light so no time for intro pics but here's what it looked like from the bottom.

I wanted to take the girls pictures in front, individually. Anna is in a blow raspberries at everything kind of a phase and Emilee wanted nothing to do with the camera, that said here are their pics.


Dad was so patient and helpful as he packed everything and everyone around, letting me take pictures - thank you. It was a lot of fun being there, we took a little minutes to get our bearings and then joined the line to buy tickets for the elevators, one to the 2nd floor and another to the top, not bad 13.10 Euros ($17.57 CND) for us parents and 8.10 ($10.86) for Anna, Emilee was free :)

The center and surrounding grounds are thick with vendors selling everything Eiffel, not annoying at all!! They pester, do not take no for an answer and come back every 3 mins or so, it was funny to watch as the police on bicycles came through, a signaling whistle followed by everyone grabbing their blankets by these handles from each corner, in one motion they can pickup everything, then running in all directions, it was entertaining.
 Look closely and hopefully you can see the energetic people climbing the 300 or so stairs to the 2nd floor observation platform. It would be a good way to keep warm, we chose the heated elevators.

The elevators run along the back of each tower, they move vertically and horizontally as well. I was not ready for the horizontal motion and nearly dropped Emilee and fell over myself the first and yes second time the elevator moved, nice one Mom. It was fun though.

Still doesn't want her picture taken.
Going up.

Here we are in the Eiffel Tower, the views were amazing and we were only on the 2nd floor, can't wait to see the city from the top. Must sleep now, sorry. More tomorrow. Big hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons.

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  1. Wow it looks like fun!!!! "The Anderson's in Paris" We are very happy you had a good time. Love all the pictures. And the video was very fun as well. You must be tired. Give yourself sometime the decend from all your travels. And enjoy the up coming "warm Holidays" Kisses from Grammy and Popa XOXOXOXOXO