Friday, 18 March 2011

Ballet Day in Dubai


Today was a great day for us Andersons. The day started with a sleep in for Emillee while Anna went to school. We tried so hard and were so excited for our first dance classes in Dubai today. Emilee was all ready and we even arrived on time, amazing, but sadly the class was canceled. We tried to make it up to her with a special juice and muffin next door, next week suggie. So sad.

Picking up Anna after school went well with a little lunch. Then a slightly more scenic drive through old Dubai then planned, aka we got a little turned around after missing an exit - good times. We managed a quick trip to Plug-Ins for a NEW PRINTER!! SO EXCITED, let the applique quilting begin. Followed by Anna's 4pm dance class. Again on time arrival was a good thing and so was the smile on Anna's face, ear to ear for all 40 mins, too cute.

 The day was great and we had lots of fun, a trip for groceries and home again, home again.

The weather is getting hotter by our Canadian standards and so we made an important purchase yesterday at the grocery store. A sprinkler :) All apologies now for those reading in Calgary or any where else cold right now, really sorry.

The half tent was a Christmas gift for the beach or the back yard, I guess. I thought they we would like to play in it and its a little shade in this serious sunshine. Its about 26 C but with the 54% humidity it feels like 31 C for reference. Spare beds available for any interested ;)

  I took some video, here it is.

The girls are great and love to do fun things, making it fun for us parents too. We are excited to welcome a baby brother to our family and look forward to all the exciting things Ethan will bring to our family. If nothing else it should be busy. Back to the sprinkler.

Well dinner doesn't make itself and we are going to BBQ tonight, a treat not the norm as at home, so just a few more sprinkler pics.

Love those 4 year olds, nice Anna. They play well but are also sisters. Case in point, Dad and I are in the house, I am writing this post and we hear crying. Anna comes in side and tells us Emilee hit her on the head. Dad asked what she was doing just before her sister hit her. "Roaring really loudly at her" 4 and 2, too funny. Big hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons


  1. I love the blogs The girls look like they were having great fun!!! The weather there looks very nice:) Thank you for sharing. We send much Love XOXOXO Grammy and Popa

  2. Great pictures Darcy!! I hope the heat isn't too unbearable. It warm here already too & I am dreading the hot, hot days. Take care & keep blogging.....I love reading them!!!!

  3. Just a note to say we miss you guys and are glad things look and sound so great there. Totally jealous! Jason won $120 with lotto max this week, maybe next time it will be the big one and we can come see you! Since the likely-hood of that happening is slim, we'll settle for seeing you when you're here... Keep blogging.. love the updates!