Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fujairah and the Gulf of Oman for a long weekend

Its been a little break in the Anderson blogging world, I love the details I can give here, but the ease of the facebook albums has its appeal too! Back on track and back to blogging.

The UAE celebrates Feb 15 as holiday and Anna's school gave them the rest of the week off and so I pushed and pushed for a family road trip and mini vacation. It took a little convincing and determination but Dad made it fit his schedule and so off we went. The trip took just under 2 hours, perfect for the kids.


  We encountered a little traffic along the way, apparently lots of people and more than a few trucks needed to make this turn. It was backed up solid for several km's. This are the yahoos trying to cut in the front of the line, making their own yahoo lane as it were.

We love our new to us car, its a 2009 Explorer xlt, our first ride with leather seats, still squeaky. We love to height, space and unfortunately, the respect it brings on the roads of Duabi.

Objects in mirror may appear closer... or faster, or more beautiful, if you are a sun set. It was nice to leave behind the congestion of Dubai and the flat landscape, never thought I would be so excited for some hills. They were very different from the mountains back home  but to our girls they were mountains :)

The Moffet mobile, it was so nice to have new friends to take this trip with, strength in numbers, I guess.

Enough getting there, lets get there. Here is the view from our room with the Gulf of Oman. It was wonderful and so nice of the girls to sleep in the first morning but love school and the fact that we had ate breakfast, suits on at at the beach by 9:30am, very exciting.

Emilee makes a great tour guide :)

Our beach bums, so glad we brought those toys from Calgary and here to Fujairah, hours of fun. Hats, sun screen and a whole day of memories in front of us. It was wonderful.

Anna gave the most beautiful dinner prayer tonight, thanking her Heavenly  Father for our trip and her family, for spending time together and for all the special things in her life, it was truly touching. We are thankful for all of the many blessings in our life. For the opportunity to spend a short time so very far away from home but to have all these vehicles to shorten that distance. 





So we had a little fun at the beach on our last day here at the resort. It was very busy, nearly crowded relative to the day before but very fun. Building a sand castle together was a first but hopefully not our last. The girls responded so well, listening and expressing their ideas and creativity - it was magical. They even left the beach without a fuss and we checked out of the hotel on time - miraculous.

We drove down the coast toward to city of Fujairah, it was interesting and worth a return visit. We counted LuLu Hypermarkets, we are up to three in total and Anna thinks there should be one in Calgary :) We made a great stop at the Friday market after Masafi and came away with a carpet for the living room and our first trinket camel - so fun. Thank goodness for an adventurous route home with some camels and sand dunes.


That ends our mini vacation, it was wonderful. We are looking forward to returning with visitors :) Hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons


  1. what a trip!Anna Emi are great sand castle builders,and I love the picture of the 4 of you.It appears that I would need the green truck to drive over there.The girls are growing more beautiful each day. Love Popa
    My turn. What fun you look like you were having!The beachs and water looks very inviting.Thank you for all the pictures, Grammy loves seeing all of you!!! Monday is Alberta's Family Day we will be think about all of you very much and wishing we had a beach to go to.We send Our Love XOXOXO

  2. No mention of the kids' impromptu "Follow the Moffets" song. I suppose they could be drawing from worse sources than the Children's Song Book.