Monday, 24 January 2011

Christmas Day, Moving, Pre-School and life in Dubai

 I will warn you, its a novel this time, I have been at this one for a few days, not sure why I just don't start a new post with each new topic, anyways, get comfy :)

Well we survived a rough night's sleep or actually lack of, to wake to the evidence of Santa finding us here in Dubai. The girls started out great, asleep by 10pm. The downwards spiral started at 11pm when we came to bed. Anna was struggling to find a comfy spot between her mom and dad and the new KING size bed. Then Emilee was sad that she was by herself in her new toddler bed. We tried all the possible combinations with little luck. We thought the fact that there were no drapes would have us up nice and early but at 9:30am we had to get up, too funny.

It was fun to all wake up together and come downstairs. I really wished our container had arrived before but trying to get over it. We had a blast with all our new toys and reading cards from our families and of course the pictures, love them.

It is always so interesting to see what toys they play with first and get excited about the most. Our two cuties where no exception. Dads present was unwrapped a day early and moms is at the mall on hold, not exactly feeling like a 'normal' Christmas but the girls had a great morning.

The girls picked one special new toy and we headed to our hotel room for a shower and to skype with our families. It was a strange day but great to spend it together and to talk with the girl's grandparents. We spent the next day recovering and trying not to be upset as the concept of boxing day did not apply, that was mostly mom's problem. Then the day after that, MOVING DAY!!!

In true Dubai fashion the day started off a disorganized mess, the 12:30 arrival turned into a phone call at 11am with a "we are at the front door, why aren't you answering the door bell" Grrrr, you have all our earthly possessions in that truck, how would we be .... never mind. Through the girls in the car and race to our new villa. Dad joined a few hours later in a cab and then I took the girls to a friends from church so they could play and we could set the house. It worked out okay in the end.

The men were careful and hard working and the day was really only an afternoon. We were able to leave the girls with Joey and Emil and went back to the hotel, literally crammed, shoved and packed the car full of all the things from our room. The porter from the hotel earned his tip, you can tell he arranges suitcases all day. Andy's driver's license still wasn't ready and so he had to carry a lap full of hanging clothes but we managed to make it to the villa and unpack it enough to get our girls. They took to their room very well, Anna loved to have her blankets and other toys, Emilee was so proud of herself and her new bed. We read books and tucked them in, it was lovely and three months to the day after arriving in Dubai, crazy :)

So our new house has quite the back yard, lots of work and problems to fix but if you are under five its wonderful. The slide we always had in our basement in Canada now lives in the back yard, in the shade but out side none the less. They love having it our there.

Then there is the 'wildlife' roaming through the back of our new villa, not in Kansas anymore.

So just a few days after moving in, we are onto major transition #2, Anna started pre-school on January 3 2011, its a British curriculum so its FS1. She was so excited, never batted an eyelash through the whole process and still runs to her teacher every day, so wonderful. Here she is first day, so cute.

Emilee was so excited too, until we walked away from Anna's class room and then she freaked, sweet thing. She was screaming and as stiff as a board as we walked down the stairs. It made me cry, good thing dad was there. We tried to console her but not luck. Its been a few weeks now and the tears are drying up but she still is not happy to she big sister leave. The tables are turning on Anna now though, she is jealous of Emilee who gets to shop and hang with Mom and all she does is go straight home after school, can't win as a mom. Although the afternoon naps are quite nice for all three of us ;)

Anna's and Mommy's first pre-school, complete at home project. Our Canadian girl for cultural day which is coming up this Thursday. I was stressed but I think she turned out quite well.

Emilee and I spend some wonderful mornings exploring Dubai. We love the Madinat Souk, it is attached to the Jumeriah Beach Hotel and is absolutely gorgeous, the hotel is nice too ;)

So its late and I want to get the blog up to date but I have to show you one last picture. It doesn't do it justice, the skyline was majestic this morning. It rained for a few days after, which I guess explains both the clouds and how different it seemed. Thanks for reading all this way. Big hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons

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  1. Thanks for the update I love the pictures!!! the late time I tried to comment it wouldn't post it. I'll try again! I hope thing are feeling alittle more stettled now.We are thrilled you are in the Villa and back on line! Would love to see the girls on Skypeand hear all about the things they are doing. We love and miss you very much! Mom