Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Let the catch up begin

All apologies for letting the blog get so behind, moving forward - ready, here we go.

So looking back at the last of our Paris pictures, there are a few that I have to show you.

We really enjoyed the Louvre, we could have stayed all day, several days in fact. The girls we great and slept, wanted their pictures, and had melt downs all at different times. They are quite fun.
We finished at the museum and headed for the Arc de Triomphe, it was a short cab ride and we were dropped off right in the thick of it, it was great. It was a bit chilly but we loved it.


That is the end of our mini vacation, we really enjoyed being tourists in such a wonderful city and look forward to returning.

So after getting back to Dubai and re-settling into life in the Holiday Inn, which didn't take long. They were good to us and reserved our same room, 148 was home for us. We were eagerly preparing to finally move into the villa. Our sea container arrived in two days late which pushed delivery to after Christmas, I cried. But we tried to make the best of it. We bought a small tree, nothing like the fresh ones for sale on the street in Paris we had seen three short weeks later but it was a tree. We had also bought some furniture, beds only but still and so we went to the villa Christmas Eve prepared to stay the night.

To explain, just a little, we had had a wonderful time at the branch Christmas dinner earlier in the evening. Where both girls enjoyed a little, so cute, so small, only about 200ml of canned orange pop. Emilee only got about 100ml as the other half went all down the front of her shirt but it made Anna's smile so funny. We enjoyed the fire works from Global Village from the back yard and went back inside to open one present, plus a special family present.

We are ready, Christmas jammies, from carter's (love that store), Santa and the reindeer's treats are out and the girls are sleeping upstairs. Dad and I join Anna in our new king bed, and hope for a good night's sleep. No such luck, both girls are up at different times with different issues and then the sun is up and we are not impresses but that's life with two little sunshine's. So its WAY past my new bedtime, Anna is now in school five days a week and mommy is still adjusting to a 6:30 wake up, the rest will come on another day. Big Hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons

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  1. I love the Little People Nativity! Grammy had one too and Brexton loved sticking the camel where the angel was supposed to go :o) Can't wait to hear more! We love you!