Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jumeirah International Cultrual Day

So today was a fun day for Anna and for Emilee and myself. Cultural Day has been a big build up and it was nice to see it all come together. The kids were asked to dress in traditional clothing from their country, not sure what that would be for us but we managed a great outfit for the fashion parade.

The USA and Canadian passport holders where grouped together and everyone seemed to go together very well. Anna was a great super model, they kids were asked to walk the stage and wave, some struggled but Anna was star. Mommy got a little emotional watching, it was fun.

The parade comes to and end and then the teachers aids, all from the Philippines, preformed a dance.

We enjoyed the booths from all the different countries, tasted just a little from the Australians and both girls loved the bangles from the Indian table. It was hot and sunny, still a lot to get used to here. Love you big girls.

Its not the best picture, our little two year old is so funny, but that is them today.
Big Hugs and lots of love ~the Andersons.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I loved Anna walking on the runway :) Kisses for everyone from Auntie and Brexton!