Saturday, 16 October 2010

Beach Day in Dubai

We are sleepy and slightly grumpy but we have returned from a wonderful Saturday in Dubai. Andy has the girls in the tub attempting to wash off the surprising amount of sand. We all know most sand sticks to you but this stuff REALLY, really sticks to you.

We managed the beaches today quite well if I do say. We drove the beach road for the first time, Anna said the metal fence in the middle looked like music, sheet music I guess but very clever we thought. We found the Jumeirah Beach Park and a public beach during our travels. We knew from our first trip here in April/May that it is a "violation of park rules" if you take pictures at the park. So not willing to risk getting our Canadian derrieres tossed out of the park and knowing how many pictures I wanted to take, we found a public beach to get our first visit to the sand and surf of the Arabian Gulf, it all worked out well.

Here we are, on the beach. Our little white rental car is parked there in the background. Its a Nissan Tiida, again with the car stuff, not my thing. Anyways, it is ok, a little rough but does the trick. We filled it up tonight, it was at a 1/4 tank but still only cost 54 dirham ($14.86 CND) the kicker gas is only 1.72 dirham / litre or 47 cents / litre. I think we can afford to drive that tank Auntie J was talking about. Anyways, back to the beach.

Had to take some video of us getting our feet wet :)

Emilee eventually warmed up to the surf and we enjoyed a great few minutes in the sun. We found some special sea shells to help us remember our first day at the beach, I picked this one.

We played in the waves and the sand for a few more minutes. It was so fun.


 Trying to avoid a sunburn but wanting to not spoil such a great time we decide to head back to the car for some a/c and to go to the park to cool off with some ice cream and swim.

So this ends our photos of the day, we had a great time eating or wearing our ice cream, depending on who your are.. cough, cough, Emilee. We rented an umbrella for a little shade, got our suits on and had a blast in the surf. Emilee loved it, she had such a big smile, Anna wasn't quite as excited after she got a big wave in the face, but is getting so much better about that. The girls were well behaved except a little sand throwing by the two year old, but all in all it was a wonderful experience.We left the beach, negotiating ourselves out of a side adventure on the park's playground, got changed and back into the car and a/c. Both girls were asleep as we made our way back down the beach road, what a great day.

Thank you for all your kind comments, we/ I hope you enjoy the pictures and our silly stories. We love and miss so many great friends and family. We are well and hoping as this Dubai weekend comes to a close (Saturday here is like Sunday in Calgary) that the next week brings a resident permit (RP), getting paid would be a good thing. No RP = no bank account, no bank account, you get the idea. The permit also means our container can be shipped, a UAE driver's licenses, a leased car of our own, and so on and so forth. Maybe so more house hunting this week so that if and when that container arrives we have some rooms to put things in. We will keep you posted. Big hugs, lots of love. ~the Andersons.


  1. Great pictures Darcy!! Hope you get your RP!

  2. I love the pictures at the beach!!! It looks like great fun. And Darcy your hair looks like the curl is coming back!! White sand....must be nice. We send our Love and Kisses

  3. What an adventure! Sounds and looks like you guys are having a blast!