Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween from Dubai

We began our first Halloween here in Dubai quietly, we had an easy morning chatting with Grammy K. (thanks for staying up to talk to us) Then we double checked our costumes and headed out from our hotel in Al Barsha to The Green Community with a slight detour through some place I have never been before. I definitely took the wrong exit out of the 'traffic circle of doom', that thing is huge, but after a little jaunt through Jabel Ali we were back at said circle of doom but I managed the correct exit out this time.
The girls love the Clason home, it is warm and welcoming and let's face it they have a killer play room. They get in the door with  their shoes half off and just gravitate to all the wonderful stations. Anna hits the dress up box, equipped with mirror and accessories, while Emilee has a dolly, stroller and is fighting to keep the purse on her shoulder all before I have my shoes off. It was so cute to watch them sitting together playing tea party, no arguments even - that is rare.

So after a great afternoon of playing it was time to put on our costumes, any guesses?

No surprise, Princesses!!

Our costumes came together a little last minute but I knew I brought those dress up clothes for a reason and 2  for 1-ing it sounds good too. Anna was hooked the moment I told her she could have some 'make up' on and Emilee loves anything her sister loves. 

Princess Emilee is so very cute, Princess Anna was too excited to stay and have her picture taken :)

Lets take this party outside, group shot and some palm trees.

In retrospect this is the first chunk of time the girls have spent outside, a.k.a. not air conditioned or not swimming, since arriving in Dubai and I am a rookie Dubai mom. Apparently strollers and water bottles are mandatory based on their use for anything outdoors. I will remember for next time, promise.

 Emilee loved 'tricker treating', I can not even think of how to spell the way she pronounced 'tricker treat' at the door of these spectacular villas. So cute even without her bag to put the candy.

I was amazed by how many people were out and how many houses were decorated and handing out candy. Our group was not the biggest we saw. It was really amazing to hear all the different languages and accents, see all the costumes and all the kids.

Some things are universal and others are not. I wish Andy would have been with us, his perspective would have been quite interesting. Moving on...

The girls were having a lot of fun at first but it was hot and then the "my feet are sore" started, and we quickly arrived at overwhelmed. All it took was a pushy group of boys, dressed in all black, to accidentally knock Anna into a gate and it was all over, poor thing. Am I a bad mom for taking a picture of it? I don't think so. Not a happy camper. Anyways, Anna recovered quite nicely after I picked her up, no program required here, just carry your four year old around for at least a block in 35 degree heat.

My princesses, yep everybody is almost done.

Emilee was fascinated with everything around her and she did a great job of taking it all in. Anna needed a break and stayed back with me but both were so well behaved and listened very well, that part was wonderful for this mom.


Our first Halloween in Dubai was quite fun. It definitely had some differences than we would have had if we had been in Calgary. We missed the mandatory sit all the cousins and friends on the sofa picture, but still can't wait to see their costumes. It also seemed a little strange eating pumpkin pie tonight without the crispness in the air that my mind associates with fall. No frost or mittens or long sleeved anything. It was nice not to have to figure out how to put on a snow suit before putting on their costumes though. The girls did great and were very tired so we made it home with out any detours and straight to bed. That's next for me, big hugs and lots of love, ~the Andersons


  1. YAY! I loved seeing your Halloween! Amazingly enough, we didn't have to wear snow suits here in AB either! Fancy that!

  2. Love your Pictures!!! You both looked GREAT! We missed you alot. Happy to see you had a good time. Mom you did a great job. We LOVE you very much Grammy and Popa

  3. Abbi was a princess too but the church trunk-r-treat sorta trashed her "sleeping beauty" dress so she was a mermaid princess at Grammy's house