Thursday, 14 October 2010

Post Ikea Fun

 What to do on a Saturday in Dubai? Dad and I laid in bed Saturday morning deciding what adventure to take the girls on that day, a day trip into the dessert? How about a day at the beach? (still have to do that one) Visit a historical site, a local attraction, museum anything cultural and informative? What do we pick IKEA!! Now in our defense, it is Anna's favorite place in the world, she loves to play at the stations and most of all have ice cream at the end. And second we might need some things for our house so that's informative, right?. Little Emilee made us all cry when she got so excited. "Grammy, Papa too?" Sweet thing, she has been so sensitive, more than I anticipated. She was upset one morning, really very grouchy and in desperation I asked her if she was missing Buzz and she said yes, cried and sat on my lap. Anyways now that I am crying writing this, back to Ikea.
   We managed to plan and execute our route with a combo distance calculation to a potential neighborhood and avoid the toll roads. Got a little turned around, found a gas station to get water and a new map (left the first one in a previous rental car) and back headed in the right direction. Found Ikea, parking was a nightmare, both the people and the lack of parking stalls but took a deep breath and made it. It is, if you were wondering exactly the same as the one in Calgary :) Just a few little differences, prints of Dubai in the picture section etc.

We had a look around Festival City mall, I found the water slippers I was looking for. They are like gymnastic shoes but with extra grippy rubber bottoms. They were only 45 dirhams ($12.33 CDN) very exciting. They are great and keep the girls from slipping around the pool. I couldn't spend the 175 dirham (47.95) for a pair of Nike capris but unless this girl can go on a diet or magically be the size six that all and I mean ALL the clothes here come in I might have to go back ;) We had a good visit, Emilee had a great temper tantrum mid mall and so we were all done and ready for the car.

We planned our route back and navigated out of the parkade. Got going on the right road and then all of a sudden were on the "wrong" road. Not wrong as in direction or anything just a toll road and a not the one we wanted to take. What do we know, it may cost 5 dirham (1.37) per gate and I think we did two or three gates but it was well worth it.

We found ourselves in the financial district at sun set, it was cool. Emilee missed most of it and Anna was more interested in drawing pictures, which was ok with us.

It was a fun ride home after a fun day in Dubai.

So as we got back to our hotel we had a Dubai car moment. It is a terrible, I mean a terrible picture, out of focus and such (took me too long to get my camera turned on and lens cap off etc, etc) but it is proof that we were beside, if only briefly, a Porsche which was beside a Bentley. Correct me if I am wrong, cars are not "my thing".


The girls are getting along well in our hotel. We are staying in a one bedroom, the girls sleep in the 'living room' and there is a tv and sofa. We sleep in the other room which is as, if not larger than most regular hotel rooms so we are not crowded, it a good thing. We loved taking my quilts and making forts at home so we decided we should do the same here, you should have seen Anna's face when I said yes, she was surprised. They are cute and I took the few minutes of quiet to sew and take a few pictures.

Big hugs and lots of love. ~ the Andersons


  1. love it! Hailey was all about the forts yesterday too... too funny...

    back to class,

  2. YAY! I am so excited to read about all your adventures! Can't wait to read more! HUGS! Mindy

  3. Great post!! I have just one you feel the need to pinch yourself? Can you believe where you are living? It is sooooo exciting!!

    Well all the best and be safe!

  4. It must be an interesting mix of brand new culture and a few hints of home (ie. IKEA). Cousin B was asking about the girls the other day- he doesn't quite understand how far away they are. He has noticed that Wriggs is around an awful lot more than he used to be! Grammy is taking very good care of him (maybe I should say spoiling him). Miss you guys, and look forward to the next set of pics, etc. on the blog. I'm going to consider sending your Christmas present out soon- seeing as I am in the Christmas spirit with our first bout of Calgary snow this morning! Love you!

  5. Sounds like pretty crazy stuff- love you guys- love the blog posts :D