Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pool Fun on the Roof

So glad to have my camera back. Anyways, another busy day planned. I am so excited to see the girls sleeping better. A 7:30am wake up meant we were on our own for breakfast as dad went before us in order to get to work on time. Our room is at the end of a long hall, the girls usually make it to the end before we do.

 We eat every morning at the Gem Garden restaurant, the massive buffet is included in our stay. It is always good and the items change enough to make it ok. Emilee is quite the hit and now receives her own special treat each morning, it started off as strawberries and this morning had pineapple and kiwi, all of which are NOT on the buffet line. The omelet chef brings it to her, it is very nice. Anna was in a bit of a mood and only wanted to watch tv, didn't know BBC world news was so exciting.


We are getting use to the idea of a pool on the roof. The girls and I headed there today, it was our second visit so we are old pros ;)

Anna is a good swimmer and we hope that as we spend more and more time in the water she will become a great swimmer. I think this size and depth of pool will be great for her. She is already keen to 'swim' across it. I also took a little video of the flutter kicking...

So far so good with the sun, we are loving the shallow end of 'our' pool as it is shaded most of the time. Emilee has such different skin tones than Anna. Emi has a great farmer's tan from the swim shirt and Anna doesn't look like she has ever seen the sun, blame Dad Anna, not me ;)

The girls love to play in the water and we make up great games, eat pretend food and drinks, I had my hair pretend washed today, we sing songs and even play with some bath toys I remembered to bring with us. Everyone is a little sleepy, sassy and strong willed so things break down quickly and we make a lot of noise when we are there but all in all we have a good time.

My beautiful girls are fun and give us great joy. Sweet and happy, not all the time but at least in these pictures.

Its quite hazy but a shot of the girls and the Burj Al Arab in the background, with Sheikh Zayed Road there too. One more trip down the hallway, I think they are getting plenty of exercise.
Big Hugs, lots of love ~the Anderson's


  1. I am so excited, happy and a little jealous (in only the best way possible!) that you guys are having such an amazing experience. Think ahead 10-15 years down the line as the girls look back at the experience and the pictures of their memories. What an opportunity for you all!! Miss you and love you all so much. Look forward to more postings.

  2. We loved talking with you this morning(Calgary time), Popa loved his Birthday Wishes! Buzz was so excited he did not eat his breakfast.Dinner looked real good tonight and he ate it well. Your swimming looks like alot of fun. I'm happy to hear that Anna is do well at her butterfly kicks, keep up the good work! We would love to see you All in our next Skpe call, until then we send many XOXOXO Grammy