Sunday, 3 October 2010

Stroller Shopping without my Camera

Well, things have been rather exciting around here but I am sorry I have no pictures of it. I only brought my battery charger for the car given the wall plug was the wrong power supply and I am a goof and forgot to charge them, sorry. I have done a little digging, thank goodness for the internet and I now have a few 'borrowed' pics to help illustrate a few things.

We enjoyed a great Thursday (remember Thursday night in Dubai is like Friday night in Canada) went to our first pool party with some families from church, it was a blast, apparently its a frequent thing. I am beginning to understand the term "pool culture." The girls loved the water, the toddler pool was just their size and covered. I need to find them some water socks, not shoes but more flexible footwear with grip, those wet tiles are slippery. We ordered pizza and ate it pool side, even without anything pork it tasted ok. They fell asleep as we put their seat belts on to leave, all in all a great afternoon/evening.

Then church Friday, it was nice to know our way there, our first visit gave us the scenic tour of the Safa neighborhood. This time we knew where to turn, making things much less stressful. The girls took to the building with no problems. Not sure exactly, but it's at least a 10 bedroom villa transformed into a Latter Day Saint chapel. Sacrament in the living room, with approximately 97 people in attendance, the stand and pulpit are LDS standard order but just an electric piano. Anna's sunbeam class has two Americans, a British, Australian, Filipino and of course our Canadian 4 year old. At the end of the meetings Anna came running down the carpeted with marble underneath stairs waving her coloring project and one of the teachers said I should go and get Emilee. ? So we ventured back upstairs to be handed  an absolutely limp, so fast asleep, such dead weight in your arms Emilee. Anna fell asleep in the car on our way to dinner.

After another early morning wake up, this time change thing is killing me. That and my children are waking up between 4am and 5:30am. We headed off to the airport again, Terminal 3, Emirates baggage services. Our wonderful Joovy Sit 'n' Stand stroller got munched during our flight, we didn't notice it as we arrived and so we took the girls on the Metro (C-train equivalent) for a 20+ km ride. Got one or two "are we there yet?"'s. Sort of long story short we received some, not all of the replacement value on our beloved stroller, dad was not happy. After that we headed back on the Metro, now with two very sleepy and doing all we can to keep them awake girls). Had dinner and jumped in our rental car to go exploring. The car had its gas light on when we got in. No worries, there is a gas station close to our hotel. Ya right. We nearly ran out of gas trying to navigate in the little side streets and you guessed it we never found the gas station. In all things good we made it back to the rental place and got an escort to the station, no WAY we would have got there on our own. So now with a full tank of gas we are headed out to the new developments and looking at houses. It was dark and we only drove down one road the wrong way but we made it to 'the villas' and enjoyed a look-see trip. We didn't get lost or turned around or anything like that, biggest disappointment, a tie between forgetting the Bobs and Lolo CD and my car battery charger so I could take some dang pictures, grrr. So tonight we made the slightly scenic but eventually got there trip to Toys r Us and got a new stroller. Love it, so cute and light, hope it makes it through our next flight.

We had two sleepy but staying up nearly as late as we would want them to, little girls so we headed for our hotel, realizing they are fast asleep so we went by the hotel and out to the palms and Atlantis, very cool.  I/we were thinking of you Auntie P and J. We look forward to a few visitors and the opportunity to show everyone the sights. We arrived home safely from day two of driving in Dubai, unscathed and enjoying the freedom. I am literally head bobbing as I write this so I have got to go to bed and hope, wish and pray that my girls sleep past 4 am, no past 5 am please and thank you. 6am would be the latest they have been up since we arrived in Dubai 5 days ago. Big hugs to all, the Anderson's. Sorry for the lack of pics, got to get those batteries charged!! Well to update, it was 5:30 this morning and now 7:30 as I add pics from the net, off to breakfast, big hugs :)


  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the stroller. Is the new one a sit and stand? We sure do miss all of you, and hope the time change comes together real soon. We send our love and kisses XOXOXOXO Grammy

  2. I am bummed about the stroller and no its not a sit n stand, they had never heard of such a thing. So we went with a one seater for now and will sort things a little better later. There is a service that allows you to ship to a US address and then will pick up and deliver to your UAE P.O. box so we might be asking Auntie T to be our Dubai post office :) Love you, big hugs.

  3. Your adventure sounds so great already. I love the way you write your blogs, I just can't wait for the next instalment. Allows me to live vicariously through you and have a mini-adventure. Love it! Hope you guys are all doing well, miss you already. Hailey is in Jazz dance and doing wonderfully, I'll write you more about that later, or maybe catch you on skpe at some point. I've had it on a few times when I'm home but haven't seen anyone I know, just one person I don't know tried to chat, ignored them!

    I'll be patiently awaiting the next post, and studying, until the next time,

  4. Wow, everything sounds so exciting! I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting used to the 'pool party' lifestyle- I sure wouldn't. We miss you guys. B asked when he was going to play with his cousins. Soon enough I know! Every silver SUV that goes by, I look for that UNIQUE license plate and then realize I won't see it. The next time we see that license, it will be attached to a Dubai 'tank' I'm sure. Anyway, we love you and look forward to all of the updates.